Traveler’s Notebook Regular Size Refill 019 – Free Diary (Weekly + Memo)


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1 week on the left page, on the right page has the layout memo section ruffled. Or write the list to catch on in the memo space, or scrap put a favorite label, you can use freely. Since the date is free does not contain type, you can start to use it from time. Weekly page is 6 months worth in one book. Please use free to customize to their own flow. Since you are using the writing paper of the original in pursuit of writing property (MD paper), making it difficult to omission bleeding and back in a fountain pen.

A weekly planner with a page worth of memo space. On the left side, you have the section where you can write your plans, and on the right side, you have the memo section where the grids are being printed to make writing and drawing easy. A single notebook covers worth six months, and please customize this the way you want. The MD paper is used for this notebook so the feeling when writing is simply great.

Medium Paper / week page (28 weeks / half a year ?), monthly page a total of 64 pages, MD paper cream (medium sewing machine stitching) When you use throughout the year for the half year will be necessary two books

Weekly pages (for 28 weeks, half a year), monthly pages: 64 pages in total, MD Paper (Sewn Bound)

* Since a bundle contains pages for half a year, you need two to cover a whole year.

H210 x W110 x D40mm



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