Platinum Plaisir 03 Fine Fountain Pen – Black


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Product Description

Platinum Plaisir Fountain Pens were first released in 2011 as a pioneer of low-priced fountain pens. Created based of a theme of “making a fountain pen more functional and enjoyable for everyday use,” Plaisir fountain pen has been well received among a wide variety of customers since its launch.


  • It applies “Slip & Seal Mechanism” that prevents ink from drying out in the pen, therefore it provides a smooth reliable writing even though not using the pen for a year.
  • Alumite finish on durable aluminum body providing an elegant glow.
  • The nib made of a mixed metal provides a point excellent in abrasion resistance. By replacing the ink cartridge, users can enjoy the pen for a long time.
  • Available in nib sizes 03 (Fine) and 05 (Medium)


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