Traveler's Notebook 2018 Diary

Another year arrives, much like a train arriving at the next station.

The scenery you watch from the train window can evoke both a sense of traveling around familiar places, or of new unexplored territories. You may even go somewhere you never would have imagined.
Why not embark on a journey to 2018, just as you would go to the TRAVELER’S STATION and board the irregular overnight sleeping car on the TRAVELER’S TRAIN.
Your destination is a future where nobody has gone before.

All aboard everyone! The TRAVELER’S train is about to depart.
* These are of limited availability. In case they are sold out or out of stock, we would appreciate your understanding.

Deadline of Traveler’s Notebook 2018 Diary PRE-ORDER is on October 30, 2017.

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